The ULTIMATE Guide to Squirrel Proofing Your Bird Feeder
Posted by BirdLover22

If you're a bird lover that really enjoys seeing lots of your fine-feathered friends come to your backyard feeders, then you know how big of a "pain-in-the-butt" squirrels can be.

In many areas around the country, squirrels can be extremely aggressive, destructive, and even carry disease-ridden bacteria that can kill your birds, without them knowing.

Here's a list of the top 5 ways to squirrel proof your bird feeder:

1. Install your bird feeder in a way thats very sturdy and doesn't swivel, swing, or turn easily.

Why? Because squirrels can be very aggressive and very often figure out that they can "shake" the feeder easily to get the bird seed to drop down on the ground where its easy-to-eat.... every single day... and its super-annoying.

2. Setup your feeder where the bottom of the feeder is at LEAST 5 feet from the ground. Higher is typically better.

Why? Squirrels can jump crazy high, and as such, they can easily jump onto your feeder (thereby also shaking/swinging it violently), grab on, and eat up your poor birdy's food.

3. Locate your feeder in an area that is > 5 feet from any fences, poles, short roofs, tree trunks & branches, etc.

Why? Because squirrels can easily climb up these type structures and... again.. use them to jump onto your feeder, shake/swing, & eat up all your birdy's food.

4. Spray a high-quality, non-toxic, & all natural squirrel repellent all around where your feeder is located.  This is the type we use at our house.

Why? Squirrels HATE this smell... Hate it. They stay away from anything with this repellent scent. 

5. Buy a highly-rated bird feeder that is SPECIFICALLY designed to be "squirrel proof".  

Why? Because "regular" bird feeders that you'd typically find in your local nursery or big-box store are typically 100%, absolutely, completely, & ridiculously NOT designed to protect your birdy's food against those little terrorist squirrels.

Here's the deal:

- There is no internal mesh cage system to keep the bird seeds away from a squirrel's reaching hands and mouth.

- They don't include design features that make it hard for the squirrels to get traction with their feet, therefore its quite comfortable and easy for them to get comfortable and "stay awhile".

- They are cheaply made of ugly and easily-breakable plastic, not high-quality, rugged, and long lasting materials like stainless steel.

- Many are made in China or India, NOT in the USA, so there can be much lower quality control and the feeders can include toxic chemicals that, over time, can be harmful (or deadly) to your fine-feathered-friends.

- They are not made to be rugged and long lasting. Cheap feeders are cheaper for a reason. They are ONLY designed to last a very short time (especially in area's with extreme cold/hot/rain/snow, and then you must pay...over and over... to replace them. 

If you truly want to protect your birds' food and keep them healthy, then you should definitely look to invest in a high-quality American-made squirrel proof feeder that will last you a lifetime.

Here's the one we recommend...

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